A cover for an armchair with hidden electronics. It allows wireless measurement of electrical activity of heart and body movement.


System supporting safe bathing in a bathtub. It uses measurements of bio- impedance, ECG, water level, water temperature and others.

HoAls - Home Alerts System

Sensor network monitoring domestic events, such as water, electricity, water leakage, switching lighting. Alarm reporting.


An enhanced remote controller equipped with the ability to measure vital signs and process text or voice messages/alerts.


A wearable multisensory device for mobile monitoring of electromechanical coupling of heart and respiration activity.


A bathroom scale allowing measurement of body weight and composition, blood oxygen saturation, and electrical activity of heart (ECG, six leads).


The fixed and mobile identification and labeling of colors for people with impaired color perception.


A device to measure air flow during the blowing and recording changes in the spatial location of the device. Key application: speech therapy.